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Born in Elazig, southeast Turkey, in 1953, Erdal Yazici completed a foundation course in education at Anadolu University. He began his professional career as a photographer in 1983 and had his first photo-reportages published in the national daily, Günaydin newspaper. In the following years, he expanded his portfolio to include publications such as Cumhuriyet newspaper, Atlas, Gezi/National Geographic Traveler, Voyager and Skylife magazines.

To date, he has held nine solo exhibitions. His work has also featured in many slide shows and group exhibitions in Turkey and overseas. He has undertaken several documentary style projects, which have subsequently been published as albums. The first of these, entitled BIR YAPRAK DÖKÜMÜ ÖYKÜSÜ (A Tale of Falling Leaves), focuses on crafts slowly dying out with the changing production environment. Next came the album, YARINIMIZ UMUDUMUZ ÇOCUKLAR (Children: Our Hope for the Future), a photographic essay treating the theme of children, a tangible symbol of our future. Here, however, the accent is on children who grow up in adverse circumstances and the subjects are depicted living life on the street, at school and at work. While his first two albums feature exclusively black and white work, Yazici’s third album, SON YÜZLER (Fading Faces), switches to colour and takes up the theme of vanishing crafts once again. His fourth and most recent album, on the other hand, considers the colourful world of children all over Turkey under the title ÇOCUK DÜNYAM (A Child’s World).

Notable among his other documentary projects was an extended study of the silkworm business in Bursa, which he worked on from 1992-2000. In between, in 1999, he also photographed the devastation of the earthquakes that year in Gölcük, Adapazari, Düzce and Kaynasli, districts of northwest Anatolia. He has realised several photographic projects on themes ranging from Turkey’s wildlife to its archaeological and historical heritage and had this work published in book form. He has also compiled photographic narratives on the demise of local agriculture and wildlife, particularly through pollution.

Erdal Yazici is a member of IFSAK (Istanbul Amateur Photography & Filmmaking Association) and currently works as a freelance photographer.


  • 1989 YASAMDAN YANSIMALAR (Reflections of Life)
    In this his debut exhibition, Yazici portrays life in Istanbul and Anatolia, incorporating a rich diversity of subjects from working people to children playing on the street, street vendors to fishermen.
  • EL EMEGI, ALIN TERI, GÖZ NURU (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
    Taking up the theme of Turkey’s vanishing crafts, Yazici focuses on artisans who learned their trade as apprentices, employing tools and methods passed down over the generations. His subjects include coppersmiths, blacksmiths, potters, felt makers, horn comb makers, woodcarvers, saddlers and the photographers of yesteryear, working with mounted wooden cameras..
  • 1992 BIR YAPRAK DÖKÜMÜ ÖYKÜSÜ (A Tale of Falling Leaves)
    This second exhibition of dying crafts opened with the launch of Yazici’s first album, ‘Bir Yaprak Dökümü Öyküsü/Kaybolan Zanaatlar’ (‘Vanishing Crafts: A Tale of Falling Leaves’).
  • 1995 IPEKBÖCEGI VE INSAN (Man and the Silkworm)
    A study in photographs of silk and the silkworm trade in Bursa, northwest Turkey, which is increasingly under threat as chaotic urban sprawl invades valuable agricultural land.
  • 1996 YARINIMIZ, UMUDUMUZ, ÇOCUKLAR (Children: Our Hope for the Future)
    Coinciding with the launch of Yazici’s third album bearing the same title, the exhibition tells the story of children living in adverse circumstances, deprived of a basic education and forced to work at an early age.
  • 1999 BIR ÇARSI GÜNLÜGÜ: URFA (Urfa: A Journal of Bazaars)
    This exhibition takes as its theme the exotic bazaars of Urfa, a city close to the Syrian border in southeast Turkey. As well as depicting everyday life in the bazaar, Yazici’s photographs feature tradesmen perpetuating ancient crafts and dazzling portraits of local people in traditional dress.
  • 2000 KOYU SIYAH (Dark Black)
    A collection of photographs documenting the devastation incurred during Turkey’s earthquakes of 17 August and 12 November 1999 in Gölcük, Adapazari, Düzce and Kaynasli.
  • 2002 UZAK KENT ISTANBUL (Istanbul: A Faraway City)
    The story of Anatolian migrants who, despite having lived in Istanbul for years, remain aloof from the city and unable to integrate into metropolitan life..
  • 2005 ÇOCUK DÜNYAM (A Child’s World)
    An exhibition of photographs detailing the colourful world of children from Istanbul and Anatolia..

    St Martin’s Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London [February 2004]
  • ÜÇ NESIL TÜRKIYE (Three Generations of Turkey)
    Mir Ali Gallery, Tebriz, Iran [June 2004]


  • 1995 APRIL…”LAST FACES”…Slide Show…(Place:Hilton Hotel)
  • 1996 MAY …”EROSION AND ENVIRONMENT”…Slide Show…(Place:Cobancesme Primary School Yenibosna/Istanbul)
  • 1997 Marc...”REFLECTION OF LIFE”…Slide Show…(Place:Arnika, Istiklal Caddesi, ISTANBUL)
  • 18.10.1997…”URFA IS A SHOPPING DIARY” 2.Istanbul Saydam Günleri...Slide Show…(Place:Fotografevi/Fuji Film,Istiklal Caddesi,Beyoglu/IST)
  • 05.05.1998... “THE SNOWDROP : A FLOWER OF HOPE AND DESIRE”...Slide Show…(Place:Dumlugoze Village/Karaman; Snowdrop Festival /WILD LIFE CONSERVATION ASSCIATION Project)
  • 13.03.1999... “COLOURFUL ANATOLIA”...Slide Show…(Place:Baraka ,Galatasaray/Beyoglu/ISTANBUL)
  • 20.09.2000...“THE DIARY OF ANATOLIA”...Slide Show…(Place:Fototrek ,Mesrutiyet
    Cad. Beyoglu/ISTANBUL)
  • 26.09.2001...”MOMENTS AND PORTRAITS”...Slide Show…(Place: Fototrek;Mesrutiye Cad. BEYOGLU/ISTANBUL)
  • 15.03.2002... “ANATOLIA”...Slide Show…(Place: Öger Tour Center,Germany)
  • 06.08.2002... “SOUNDS OF ANATOLIA” …Slide Show…(Place:Pera Palas;Findikli Rotary Club/ISTANBUL)
  • 2002 DECEMBER …”SOUNDS OF ANATOLIA” …Slide Show… (For Apollon Tour,Germany)
  • 2002 DECEMBER … “MOMENTS AND PORTRAITS”…Slide Show…Place:ITKIB(Istanbul Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon Ihracatcilari Birligi/ISTANBUL)
  • 11.03.2003… “THE DIARY OF ANATOLIA” …Slide Show…(Place: ISÜF Fotograf Senligi/Istanbul University Culture Center)
  • 07.06.2003…”MOMENTS AND PORTRAITS” …Slide Show…(Place: 1.Bursa Saydam Bulusmalari/(Sefik Bursali Art Gallery)
  • 30.10.2003…”MOMENTS AND PORTRAITS” …Slide show …(Place: Edirne Efot Showroom)
  • 10.03.2003… “LAST FACES” …Slide Show…(Place: ISÜF PHOTOGRAPH FESTIVAL/Istanbul University Culture Center, Vezneciler/ Istanbul)
  • 2003.April …“ISTANBUL” …Slide Show… (Place:Ugur College/Kucukcekmece/Istanbul)
  • 01.06.2004… “LIFE IN ANATOLIA “…Slide Show…(Place: Fotografevi/Istanbul)
  • 13.07.2004… “THE OTHER SIDE” …Slide Show ...(Place:Fotografevi/Istanbul)
  • 22.03.2005…"BACK SIDE” Slide Show. Anatolian University / Eskiþehir/BW.
  • 22.04.2005…”MOMENT” Slide Show. Fotograph Symposium/ Istanbul/BW.



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